ÚĽUV exhibiting at the Slovak Institute in Prague


The exhibition Dimensions of visual arts in tinkery is re-opens from 2 May until 3 June 2007 at the Slovak Institute in Prague...

Following its recent premiere in Bratislava, the ÚĽUV presents a tinkery exhibition to the visitors of the Slovak Institute at Jilská Street no. 450/16 in Prague.
The exhibition presents various tinkery techniques embodied in the works borrowed from the collections of Považské múzeum Žilina, the ÚĽUV and from the private collections of exhibiting tinkers. In addition to , numerous visual artists and designers, finding inspiration and creative potential in wire and working procedures tinkery uses, present their works at the exhibition.
The reputable expert in tinkery Mgr. Katarína Hallonová from the Považské múzeum Žilina is the person who produced the creative concept of the exhibition.

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