ÚĽUV brings the Slovak design to EUNIQUE 2012 International fair


The presentation of fourteen Slovak artists under the Design Studio ÚĽUV patronage will enrich the prestigious International Fair for Applied Arts and Design EUNIQUE 2012. Under the European competition the creations of Michal Hanula, Tibor Uhrín, Patrika Illo and other exceptional designers will represent the Slovak view on the craft-inspired design.

The assessment in Rings in water competition as well as the ability of works to fulfill the participation requirements in desired quality are the main selection criteria for EUNIQUE.
The opportunity to be presented at EUNIQUE fair is a matter of prestige. The presence is considered and evaluated by an international board of experts from the design, architecture and media industries. By the end of the fair the best project or design product of the year is announced.
The EUNIQUE 2012 fair will be on display between 4th and 6th May 2012 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Presented authors:
Tibor Uhrín – wood
Silvia Fedorová - jewellery
Mária Nepšinská - jewellery
Marika Raceková - glass
Ľubica Poncik - jewellery
Kristýna Španihelová – jewellery
Gabriela Luptáková - ceramics
Daniel Lichard – ceramics
Michal Hanula – wood
Juraj Opršal – jewellery
Patrik Illo – glass
Miroslav Mládenek – wood
Slávo Pecúch – tinked
Blanka Cepková - jewellery

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