Slovak Tinkery in Lisbon


The Centre for Folk Art Production (ÚĽUV) in Bratislava in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and the Považské Museum in Žilina has prepared an exhibition of the Slovak thinkery for all visitors of the National Ethnological Museum in Lisbon called drô – “”

drô – “”
Slovak Tinkery in Lisbon

Duration: 28 May - 29 September 2008

The exhibition which will last until the 29th of September this year is a presentation of the best what the Slovak thinkery from our museum collections and nowadays art studios is offering. The Lisbon visitors have so a unique opportunity to get known with more than two hundreds of thinkery products and art objects as well as supplementary texts, historical and contemporary photographs on thinker’s trade. Two documentary films on technological varieties and history of the Slovak thinkery are also a part of the exhibition as well as a bilingual catalogue published by the Ethnological Museum in Lisbon.
The exhibition, in the arrangement of Katarína Hallonová (curator), is a mobile exhibition starting its European tour in Prague in 2007. Moving through Helsinki, Warsaw and Lisbon, it will finish its journey in Vienna this year.

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