Ring in water 2012


Firm in its belief that craft design, and design oriented crafts, that is design promoting the culture of practical and decorative product manufacture, currently also represents a moving force for innovation in the field of folk art production, the Centre for Folk Art Production (Slovak abbreviation: ÚĽUV) in Bratislava has organized the annual competition Kruhy na vode since 2000 and the annual international competition Kruhy na vode / Rings in water since 2012.

The competition represents one of the principal forms of promotion of local cultural identity.
The competition focuses on the creative production of innovative works of applied art, craft art and design, the inspiration for which came, directly or indirectly, from traditional manufacture and folk art, techniques of processing, original practical value as well as principles of material selection and aesthetic effect.

The aim of the competition:

- to encourage the emergence of new and innovative works of design and craft, drawing their inspiration from Slovak traditional manufacture and folk art,
- to reward and promote outstanding products of artistic craft, applied art and design,
- to encourage cooperation and creative partnership between designers, creative artists and craftsmen in the field of traditional craft and folk manufacture on an international level,

- to provide outstanding works with an internationally valid award highlighting craft and artistic skills,
- to offer new originals and small series of products for sale in the ÚĽUV trademark bearing outlets.

Ring in water

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