Milan Árendáš – FAIENCE


ÚĽUV Gallery Tatranská Lomnica is introducing a collection of faience products made by Milan Árendáš – master of traditional craft.

The Exhibition Milan Árendáš – FAIENCE will introduce the work of the ceramist from his very beginnings in 1979 up till now. The collection of approximately 100 pieces consists mostly of solitares, but one can find here also products for ÚĽUV. Products have characteristic shapes and decors inspired by Habanian ceramics. The exhibition is available in ÚĽUV Gallery, Tatranská Lomnica 36 since 3.6.2013 till 27.9. 2013.

Opening hours:
TUE – SAT: 10:00 – 18:00

The exhibition is saleable
The entrance is free

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