The exhibition is a joint presentation of diploma works of two artists, students of ceramics studio Simona JANIŠOVÁ and Monika BRZÁ. Both authors are inspired by tradition, but from the start point their attention to other - their very own intrinsic way. Differences between the works are obvious.

Ideological basis for work of Simona Janišová is tradition of compiling wedding trousseaux for the bride Glory Box. The author has created with an explicit amount of exaggeration collection of ceramic accessories, with an emphasis on their semantic and communication function. "The stoneware and porcelain jewellery associate bizarre erotic devices can be then not only be perceived as funny and capricious" bits "in the household, but also as objects of affection or emotional fetishes, and with a bit of irony, as attributes of emancipated brides of 21st Century”, writes the curator of the exhibition Silvia S. Lutherová.

Monika Brzá´s inspiration focus is experimenting with decorative techniques, exploring different surfaces and handling ceramic means of expression. The traditional folk technique of decorating ceramics "Fumigation" is a big inspiration for her. With a string she leaves s plastic track in the mass, which later sketches in. "The diploma works of porcelain bowls with the name FOLKSY - conceived as a structural ceramic paintings or reliefs of gestural and lyrical decors of elementary shapes, revives one of the key trends in ceramic work of the second half of the 20th century, in which artists sought for background in traditional folk, or "primitive" design, to express their commitment to nature, authenticity and individualisms of artistic expression, "describes the collection the curator Silvia S. Lutherová.

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