Folklore is Alive!


The wandering exhibition subtitled The traces of folklore in the current design of the Visegrad countries, offers an unusual look of young artists from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia at the traditional folklore. The exhibition runs at the Czech Centre in Prague from 4.3 - 2.4.2011.

The Rings in Water competition organized by The Centre for Folk Art Production and the Polish Remembrance organized by Polish Cepelia became an inspiration for the project. Folklore is Alive! raised a question at the beginning – is there a chance to find a common tradition of quality craft work without the negative perception of folklore. Selected works from four Central European countries clearly show that, there is. The young generation shows that in crafts they find living and healthy inspiration. The folksiness and vernacular artistic expressions, an idyllic life with a high degree of exaggeration and humor in combination with craft knowledge, without exaggeration, may become an important device in a globalized world. The exhibition runs 10.3. - 11.06.2011 .

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