Exhibition of contemporary glasspainter and woodcarver Dušan Benický


About a nest of a human
Dušan Benický – Glass-paintings and carvings

24 September – 21 November 2009
ÚĽUV Gallery, Obchodná 64, Bratislava

Curator of exhibition:
Marta Pastieriková, PhD.

Dušan Benický is an artist from the battom of his heart. Several experts call Benický a folk artist. However, others describe his work as an amateur or naëve art. At the beginning master Benický got inspiration from the Slovak folk art and culture. Soon after, he inveted his own creative style with spiritual aspects. This is the explanation why his artworks have such strong power and address a human heart. Artworks of Dušan Benický are inclided in the collections of several regional and national museums and galleries in Slovakia and in the National Museum in Prague. Some of his works are part of private collections.

ÚĽUV Gallery
Obchodná 64, Bratislava

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday 12.00 – 18.00
Saturday 10.00 – 14.00

free entrance

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