Milan Árendáš - Faience


The exhibition Milan Árendáš – Faience in ÚĽUV Gallery in Tatranská Lomnica (3.6. – 27.9.2013) was an inception for the artist to create new things. However he remained faithful to his typical feeling of shapes, colors and ornaments. The part of the exhibition is also a collection of stove tiles.


Milan Árendáš is a great potter and a perfect painter with an original handwriting, which uses glazes and colors similar to the faience of older times. For his ceramics are typical unique colors, which he mixes by himself. “It is very important for the viability of every craft to have such masters, who not only maintain, but also develop the craft according to their own feeling. Milan Árendáš is one of them,” said the curator of the exhibition Eva Ševčíková.