Rings in water 2010

Genre: exhibition
Space: Tatranská Lomnica
Duration: 9.3. – 15.7.2011

Nearly two hundred designers and four hundred art works - this is the 6th competition of the Rings in water - Competition of crafts-oriented Design. It focuses on products in the field of interior design, jewelry and fashion. The project is of main interest of young creators, who find new energy and inspiration in old patterns of traditional techniques and forms. In 11 years of the competition organized by Centre for Folk Art Production (ÚĽUV), almost a thousand designers, design students, artists and craftsmen took part.

The exhibition will be held until 9.3. – 15.7.2011 in ÚĽUV Gallery Tatranská Lomnica, Tatranská Lomnica 36. The event was conducted with financial support from the Ministry of Culture.

Competition Rings in water was initiated by the European Federation as an international project of folk art and crafts with national specificities. The Centre for Folk Art Production continues with this project as the only one of eight participating countries. The sixth annual competition has two sections. In the first, bringing together producers, designers, artists and university students attended 101 authors, with 152 works and collections.
The second section, for secondary school students have signed up to 13 secondary schools, 83 students with 242 works and collections. Competitive labors were divided into several categories: metal, wood, ceramics and works of free categories.