Duration: 28/01/2010 - 20/03/2010

The exhibition entitled Drotman reciprocally present the latest creations of tinker, craftsman, designer Slavo Pecúch. Exhibition focuses particularly on objects with an utilitarian function, and quite difficult production of the furniture components made of wire.

The exhibition entitled Drotman reciprocally present the latest creation of tinker, craftsman, artist Slavomír Pecuch, who come from and produces in one of the traditional tinker centres - Stará Ľubovňa.
In the beginning - in August 2009 - the exhibition was opened to the public in the Design Studio ÚĽUV Bratislava. For the visitors it is now to see in the Gallery ÚĽUV Tatranská Lomnica.

His new collection continues in the current wire program, which is characterized by organic shapes based on the traditional tinker method. Wire is a medium for Pecúch through which he experiments with tradition, respects it, but avert from its decorative shaped models. More likely he abstracts clean, soft modelled forms. Not afraid of asymmetry, he emphasis the optical properties of wire, creating a secondary plane of artistic perception. Organic forms refer to the close relationship with the nature, where he looks for free, bound free space. In addition, he is an admirer of the tea culture and alternative music. The new collection is inspired by the "kung-fu tea ceremony”. For this purpose he created a set of furniture solitaire - table and tabouret to enjoy the specific preparing and taste. Other new additions are wire containers for LPs. Their proposal was inspired by the most common work of tinkers in the past - doorstep repair - wiring dishes. Paper packages with plate are thus covered in wire while the record can be taken out anytime.

Pecúch started with wire production in 1997, and as an autodidact, and from the very beginning it was clear that he has got ambitions to present classical tinker in a new progressive expression. He focuses particularly on objects with a utilitarian function, makes also quite difficult furniture components made of wire. The effect of his works is sometimes also supported by the use of other materials, e.g. fabric. Pecuch defined once his lifestyle as an ethno punk. So far his art production confirms it. We can just add that it's ethno punk with a sense of the system. In his case, artistically sophisticated wire system.