Exhibitions in Gallery ÚĽUV Bratislava 2019


Decorated with the Heart

The exhibition “Decorated with the Heart” presents the variability of ornaments found on a large range of preserved items of traditional folk culture used in Slovakia, and shows the ways in which they can be used today. We were motivated to organise this exhibition by the fact that with the contemporary boom in the use of folk ornamentation – from clothing to everyday objects – the trend of veering towards kitsch is becoming more and more noticeable.

19. 9. 2019 – 28. 2. 2020


Born of Fire

The exhibition “Born of Fire” presents blacksmithing as the craft production of iron items on an open fire,  ÚĽUV’s contribution in the process of the transformation of production from traditional blacksmithing to the artistic shaping of objects, as well as a perspective on Roma blacksmithing as one of the traditional employments of Roma. The exhibition is open to the public from May 31st 2019 to September 6th 2019.

31. 5. 2019 – 6. 9. 2019


Viva Basket!

The Centre for Folk Art Production, in cooperation with the Polish Institute and the Polish association Sefernta brings a unique basketwork exhibition to Bratislava. Visitors will be able to discover the charm of this traditional craft, which is currently fascinating growing numbers of people, in the ÚĽUV Gallery in Bratislava from February 15th to May 22nd 2019.

15. 2. 2019 – 22. 5. 2019