Exhibitions in Gallery ÚĽUV Bratislava 2017


A Yarn of Wool

The Centre for Folk Art Production (ÚĽUV) is opening a new exhibition entitled “A Yarn of Wool”.  Visitors can see wool in its main role as a unique material for practical and aesthetic use. Through interior accessories and clothing items, the exhibition reveals different wool processing techniques such as shaggy wool cloth-making, wool cloth-making, weaving, embroidery, the cuff decoration technique and felting. Collection items from the Museum of Folk Art Production are joined by items created by contemporary producers and artists who have decided to rediscover the many uses of wool. The exhibition is open in the ÚĽUV Gallery at Obchodná 64 in Bratislava from October 27th to February 14th 2018.

Until 14.2.2018


The Art of Dining

“The Art of Dining” is the title of ÚĽUV’s new exhibition, providing visitors with inspiration on dining in folk style. Embroidered, woven and lace textiles, dinner sets and tea sets made from ceramics, wooden and wire bowls and many other folk art products bring back to mind the timeless creations of ÚĽUV’s former designers. The exhibition also includes the current production of masters and folk art producers and designers. “The Art of Dining” exhibition is open to the public in the ÚĽUV Gallery in Bratislava from June 30th to October 11th 2017.

Until 11.10.2017



The 9th competition for crafts-oriented design has brought new judges, amendments in the awarding system and the increased number of attendees, especially from the students from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Some of the authors asserted traditional patterns and materials in their design to distinguish their personal characteristics, while updating tradition with modern features. Others were drawn to a particular element or a theme of traditional culture, which consequently elaborated and combined with other motifs.

Through Jun 13, 2017