Exhibitions in Gallery ÚĽUV Bratislava 2016


Majolic Masters Today II.

Majolic Masters Today II. is a continuation of the successful exhibition Majolic Masters Today, presented to the public in 2009. With the first exhibition, ÚĽUV presented the findings of the field research with regard to the ceramics in Western Slovakia. This exhibition was created under different circumstances. We had approached ten ceramics centres, which received a task to create a new collection for the exhibition. They should either build on their own production or to introduce a new creation featuring traditional shapes and décors.

Come and see the results of their extraordinary master’s work.

Through March 14, 2017


From Hand to Hand – Sharing Craft

Showcasing a selection of exquisite hand made products, this exhibition presents the skills and values of folk art production that have been shared and developed as a family tradition.

The collection includes works by: Jana Majerská (woodcarver), Ladislav Volek (jeweller), brothers Peter, Ľubomír and Vincent Bandúr (woodcarvers) and brothers Ľubomír and Štefan Smržík (tinkers).

Through September 30