Rastislav Haroník – ceramist and collector


Bratislava, 23 January 2012 - This year's exhibition series of UĽUV Gallery starts with the exhibition of Rastislav Haronik´s work. Ceramist, restorer, collector and cultural worker is active in the field of preservation of folk art production for decades. From 10th February to 28th April 2012 the artistic activities of Rastislav Haronik can be seen in ÚĽUV Gallery in Bratislava.

The exhibition, entitled “Rasťo Haronik - ceramist and collector” presents dozens of works, among which stand out the ceramic molds for baking, pepper and salt shakers, bottles, food jars and others. Rastislav Haronik is publicly known as an avid collector of folk art and craft objects. For decades he collected exceptional traditional folk art objects, which he eventually turned into a home museum.

"The inspiration source for the creation of Rastislav Haronika is mainly Upper Nitra region with characteristic sober colouring. However, he uses the plastic sticking décor with floral and figural motifs, well-known from the Gemer region "explains curator of the exhibition Pavel Habáň.



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