Painted song of Zuzana Vaňousová


Bratislava, 25th June 2012 – ÚĽUV Gallery offers during the summer months exhibition of Zuzana Vaňousová´s work. The exhibition, entitled Painted songs, presents works of the technique of painting on glass.

Zuzana Vaňousová, family member of the Króner family, celebrates an important jubilee this year – her 90th birthday. She developed a distinctive style through which she communicates with those who enjoy the landscapes. She created hundreds of images that got to all areas of Slovakia and abroad, thanks to ÚĽUV as well.

"The Motifs of paintings of Zuzana Vaňousová bind to the work, ritual, emotional and religious life of Kysuce, inhabitants of Liptov, Myjava and Bratislava region. Her pictures, often resembling of the naive art, express her search and findings for adequate artistic expression, "explains curator Irena Pišútová.


Exhibition opening is onThursday, 28 June at 17.00. in ÚĽUV Gallery Bratislava. The exhibition will be open to the public from 29th June to 29th September 2012. Admission is free.  >   > ÚĽUV > Where in ÚĽUV > ÚĽUV Galleries > ÚĽUV Gallery Bratislava > Exhibitions in 2012 > Painted song of Zuzana Vaňousová