Swedish and Slovak crafts

9 March - 12 June 2010

From March 9 till June 12, 2010 an exhibition with an unusual name SLOVERIGE will take place in ÚĽUV Gallery Bratislava at Obchodná Street. It is a common exhibition of the current Slovak and Swedish crafts presented in the concept of Anna Åhlin. It introduces 26 Swedish and 28 Slovak craftsmen. The exhibition was prepared as a wandering project in the cooperation of ÚĽUV Bratislava and Swedish partner Svensk Slöjd...

The exhibition will continue in Slovakia until 2011. In 2010, dates for the reinstallation of the exhibition in Bratislava, Tatranská Lomnica and Banská Bystrica are following:

ÚĽUV Gallery Bratislava (10 March – 12 June 2010)
ÚĽUV Gallery Tatranská Lomnica (17 June – 11 September 2010)
ÚĽUV Gallery Banská Bystrica (21 September – 22 November 2010)

In Sloverige the magic meets the handicraft – the experience of difficulty to determine where the crafts are originated from. And it might as well be of secondary importance from which culture or tradition the handicraft comes, standing side by side, they complement each other.