Woven Stories. Carpets from Estonia.

25 September - 22 November 2008

ÚĽUV Gallery, Obchodná 64,  Bratislava

Carpet from Estonia

The Estonian national carpets were used as blankets, travelling rugs and horse blankets. The development of travelling rugs, especially sledge rugs proceeded in a very independent manner all over the territory of Estonia. The bright daylight and the picturesque scenery stimulated the creation of colourful and ornamental carpets.

The national textile curriculum in Estonia was opened in 1994 at the Viljandi Culture Academy. In 2005 when national construction curriculum was introduced the department of national handicraft was opened. From the very beginning, it has been oriented towards the use of regional textile art and it is completely unique in Estonian and European educational landscape.

ÚĽUV – The Centre for Folk Art Production in Bratislava in cooperation with Eesti Käsitöö Tallin is happy to introduce to the wide public around 40 unique textile designs of nearly 15 Estonian authors (graduates of the Viljandi Academy as well).

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