The (Un) Usual pot...

Historical and contemporary forms of pottery
18. 09. 2007 – 16. 11. 2007
ÚĽUV Gallery, Obchodná 64, Bratislava

A remarkable range of (un)usual pots, jars and mugs made from baked clay is waiting for the visitors of the ÚĽUV Gallery at the Obchodná Street in Bratislava. The organisers gathered nearly two hundred exhibits from the ÚĽUV documentation collections, the collections of the Homeland Museum in Galanta and private collections.
Even though the pottery products nowadays seem to be a nostalgic reminiscence, some pottery workshops around Slovakia still remained as a continuity of a typical aesthetical and decorative heritage of the past.

The actual display is showing pottery exhibits from Slovakia – the first half of the 20th century, completed by a collection of contemporary pottery as it is represented by artists like Kornélia Pussová, Rastislav Haroník, Juraj Maca, Ján Parikrupa and others.

An actual catalogue of the exhibition published by ÚĽUV is available.