Otília Kopecká – Embroidery works

10 May – 8 September 2007

ÚĽUV Gallery Bratislava, Obchodná 64

Curator of exhibition:
Oľga Danglová, PhD.

The exhibition presents the embroidery works of textile artist Otília Kopecká who worked in the Centre for Folk Art Production for more than thirty years.

Kopecká specialised in experimenting with folk art embroidery patterns. Of abundant variations of regional folk embroidery, the artist was inspired mostly by the Slovak regions of Horehronie, Detva, Liptovská Lužná, Záhorie, Vajnory, Prievidza, Šoporňa, Čataj, Trnava, Piešťany, Trenčianska Teplá, Bošáca, Skýcov. She too borrowed from the historical embroidery of the 18th century. Kopecká is acclaimed for introducing embroidery patterns from Slovak folk costumes (bonnets, aprons etc.) into interior textile designs in the 1960s.
Kopecká usually took a single motif (circles, rosettes, birds, tulips, pomegranates, axis-shaped bunches of flowers etc.) and expanded it at a tablecloth or a blanket.
The artist preferred designs with simple selection of colours. With several exceptions, Kopecká expanded the motifs into delicate one-, two- or three-colour combinations, usually at a white or unbleached fabric. Simple colours, white and clean light tones are typical features of textile designs by Otília Kopecká.


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