Ján Krajčí - Nativity scenes and other sculptures

29. 11. 2007 - 23. 2. 2008


Kurator of exhibition:
PhDr. Martin Mešša

Ján Krajčí has produced works for the Centre for Folk Art Production for twenty five years. He does not imitate folk art, he only borrows inspiration from it. Sometimes we can identify sources of his inspiration, but he has his special creative expression. Feedback and responses from people to his work and being commercially successful is very important for Krajčí. His nativity scenes, inspired by folk production in his native Piagr, are very popular among people. He carves them as compositions on surface combined with a location-specific architecture and plants. In addition to saints, the space is filled up with shepherds, pilgrims and animals. Plastic carving art embodied in his angels, sheep and horses is popular among children at folk art fairs. Krajčí was awarded the Master of folk art production title in 1990.