ÚĽUV Gallery Bratislava


Open all year round, the 160 square meter Uluv is located on Obchodna 64 in Bratislava. The opening of this gallery is a method of paying long overdo homage to the masters, the craftsmen, whose art and work throughout life has influenced and inspired their protégés. Many of these masters, with their unique style of crafting and dedication, have become memorialized in Encylopedias. Galeria Uluv hosts enough room to allow direct contact with the contemporary works of craft masters through exhibits. Uluv also utilizes films and web presentations in a virtual gallery of folk art production to enhance the experience. The ceremonial opening of the gallery occurred on the 4th of September, 2004 with the attendance of the president of the Slovak Reublic Ivan Gasparovic and other official guests.



Current exhibition :


Our Story

"ÚĽUV - 70 Years of Support of Traditional Crafts in Slovakia"

24th of April - 26th of September 2015, Gallery ÚĽUV Bratislava

The cross-sectional exhibition of ÚĽUV activities maps the development of the Centre for Folk Art Production to mark the seventieth anniversary. From the first field research at traditional craft sites of Slovakia, to "ÚĽUV" brand folk-art products, which emerged under the guidance of professional artists working at ÚĽUV, on to contemporary award-winning work of the competition Rings in Water that transform traditional Crafts into the author's design.



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