Exhibitions in ÚĽUV Design Studio Bratislava 2014


Blue Blue(s)

The Students of the J. Vydra School of Applied Arts, led by their teachers, show that traditional blueprint technology can come alive in the design of today. Tune in to blue and come to Design Studio to look at modern blueprint fabrics, blueprint block forms, and also at bags, clothes, pillows or a notebook cover. Design Studio ÚĽUV in Bratislava, from September 17, 2014 to January 17, 2015.


Through Thick and Thin

The Center of Folk Art and Production proudly presents the collections of Hany H. Kašičková in the exhibition, “Through Thick and Thin” which can be seen at the ÚĽUV Design Studio on Dobrovičovej 13 from 14. 5. till 28. 6. 2014.


Two out of Eight

The Center for Folk Art Production in cooperation with The School of Applied Arts of Josef Vydra (ŠÚV), is presenting the second installment of exhibitions in a series of eight titled "Two Out of Eight" beginning Friday, February 7th at the ÚĽUV Design Studio on Dobrovicova 13. Between February 7th and the 22nd of March 2014.