Wired Whims


Three renowned artists, who are connected by the pursuit of creative weaving and updating traditional craft techniques, are presenting their works at Design Studio ÚĽUV at Dobrovicova 13 between 28. 11. 2013 to 18. 1. 2014. The exhibit of Silvia Fedorova, Iveta Miháliková, and Blanka Šperková titled 'Wired Whims' originates from distinctiveness of Slovak tinkers as a vibrant source of inspiration.


Silvia Fedorova builds upon the foundations of traditional technique but in experimenting with different materials and forms she founded a new feature of textile structures, leading to her developing new types of jewelry. In the making of jewelry, hats, and other objects Fedorova has incorporated the use of bobbin lace combined with interwoven copper, brass, or silver wire, all built upon natural fibers as well as plastic ones. Wire delivers a clear and brilliant enhancement to bobbin or woven structures by providing the material with a more solid structure, gloss, and a total sense of nobleness.

Iveta Miháliková fashions her wire products by using a technique of loops and threading, similar to that of bobbin lace making. Her mural creations from copper wire are self-promoting by their transparency, airiness and plasticity, qualities attained by wire mesh combined with natural materials. Thematically, her art repeatedly returns to the studying of the identity of the female body. Interest in experimentation brought Miháliková to using plastic in her jewelry, where she then plays with contrast banality and rarity.

Blanka Šperková developed her own technique of knitting wire mesh with her fingers and without using any tools. A simple loop allows her to create a variety of sculptures and jewelry with figural and animal motifs, often expressed with humorous undertones. However, the work also expresses abstract forms with distinctive meanings. Šperková frequently plays with the motif of one form inside another form often adding airy transparency to the subject to install a captivating play of light and shadows.