nakolene / makeshift

Title of the exhibition is ambiguous on purpose. Slovak phrase "do something on the knee" evokes amateur production or production without proper qualifications in hindered conditions – but also the enthusiasm, improvisation and joy of the experiment. This hard-to-translate phrase is usually used in English in the form „to do a makeshift job“. The noun "makeshift" is used to denote a temporary instrument to use as a substitute for something else. At the same time, the words "to make" (to create, to do...) and "shift" (change, turnover...), from which the term is composed, provoke the imagination towards other connotations.

Exhibition presents 2 startup projects (Tvaroch and Piliny v hlave), both of which are linked by common sense of experiment and unconventional approach to creation. Selected objects are results of two workshops (titled "nakolene" and "makeshift"), which took place at the Institute of Design Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava in the time from January to May 2013. Workshop "nakolene", co-organized by the project Piliny v hlave, was attended by a group of design students during the three months to learn the basics of working with wood. The workshop was led by the lecturer Branislav Hrebík, who gradually chose tasks with escalating demands, following the goal to make the participants familiar with the basic material properties of wood, its processing, preparation, surface treatment and decorative techniques. Installation reflects the whole process, asking how the experience of making can influence the work of a designer.

The workshop "makeshift" (in cooperation with Tvaroch) investigates possibilities of the current digital shift in the "do-it-yourself" culture. The aim of the weekend workshop was to test the boundaries of online tool for creating 3D models (“Virtual potter's wheel”) before its official release on the portal, and to explore boundaries of domestic "fabrication" with affordable 3D printer. The results of both workshops are presented separately in two rooms, and they are symbolically connected by the presentation of the online platforrm