SIT, LAY, PLAY of Zuzana Šišovská

"Textiles are designed for direct contact with the body and what the body expects is the convenience, comfort, relief, pleasant feeling, simply - pleasure," says the author of the forthcoming exhibition of the Design Studio ÚĽUV Zuzana Šišovská.

Among the exhibits of fresh graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, visitors will find a collection of bags BWM created with love for teddy bear, the concept of relaxing sofas for airport´s waiting rooms, and a set of interior accessories to sit, lie down, relax and play. These gave the name to the exhibition - SIT, LAY, PLAY...

Precise execution and processing of details in connection with the selection of advanced modern materials show a conceptual thinking of the author and her aim to help the body deal with stress. Everything done through design with emotions.

Exhibition of Zuzana Šišovská will be held in the premises of the Design Studio ÚĽUV at Dobrovičova 13, Bratislava from 26th January to 2nd March 2012.

About Zuzana Šišovská

Zuzana Šišovská, gradute of the textile design department of graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (2011), has had several stays in Germany. Here she studied fashion and jewellery, later she completed an internship in a printing company in Chemnitz. She won several awards in international competitions such as: Canon inspires you (2nd place), and Design and bag competition, Hong Kong (1st place) and Professor Jindřich Halabala Award in the category of furniture design. She works as an external designer for Textile Company Áčko a. s.  >   > ÚĽUV > Where in ÚĽUV > ÚĽUV Galleries > ÚĽUV Design Studio Bratislava > Exhibitions in 2012 > SIT, LAY, PLAY of Zuzana Šišovská