Original Christmas decorations

The exhibition project "Beautiful Christmas decorations" aims to present traditional Christmas hand-blown, glass decorations from the unusual point of view of Slovak designers.

Market flooded with cheap Christmas decorations lacks quality manufactory products, which is unfortunate and has from the designers ‘view adverse impact on the Slovak producers as well as on the consumers.

The organizers therefore decided to offer designers and artists an opportunity to express their views on the traditional Christmas decorations. Within the working motto: "Educate your own customers" were the designers given a chance to present a different view on Christmas decorations´ morphology and offer the potential customer an aesthetic aspect, leading to his cultivation a ability to enjoy beautiful and useful things. Whether the Christmas decorations are useful or not could be a subject of discussion, but there should be no debate allowed in the matter of the decoration being beautiful and having aesthetic value. After all, we do not buy Christmas decorations from any reasonable reasons...

The exhibition "Beautiful Christmas Decorations" is available in the premises of Design Studio ÚĽUV, at Dobrovičova 13, Bratislava from 7.12.2012 to 12.1.2013.

The opening will take place on Thursday, 06.12 2012 at 18.00.
The exhibition is curetted by Ingrid Abrahymfyová

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