CRAFTS.SK – Open Atelier

The exhibited collection is a result of collaboration between the students of Institute of Design at FA STU Bratislava and The Centre for Folk Art Production, within the scheme called Open Atelier. The main aim of the project is to develop folk production in Slovakia, to bring new product design, to extend the market for designer products of 'everyday' use, inspired by Slovak folk tradition, and affordable to the general public, and not least the work of designers in the context of the current business and marketing environment. The curator of the exhibition is Mgr. Art. Michael Lipková.

In the project author does not have the last word, the users do. The phrase "Open Atelier" takes on a new meaning. Do Slovak consumers have interest in the source code of Slovak crafts? Are designers willing to give up their authorship in favour of cultivating the public taste?

The exhibition is opened at the premises of the Design Studio ÚĽUV, Dobrovičova 13, Bratislava from 13th September until 17th November 2012.