Exhibitions in ÚĽUV Design Studio Bratislava 2012


SIT, LAY, PLAY of Zuzana Šišovská

Textiles are designed for direct contact with the body and what the body expects is the convenience, comfort, relief, pleasant feeling, simply - pleasure.

Duration: 26.1.2012 – 2.3.2012



The competition for design Easter eggs of the year 2012 with the name EX OVO.

Duration: 8.3.2012 – 4.5.2012



ÚĽUV Design Studio presents young jewellery designers from Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Duration: 10.5.2012 – 2.6.2012


Exhibition of ceramist Božena Chandogová in Design studio ÚĽUV

Design studio ÚĽUV will be dedicated to the creations of young ceramist Božena Chandogová.

Duration: 7.6.2012 – 6.7.2012


CRAFTS.SK – Open Atelier

The exhibited collection is a result of collaboration between the students of Institute of Design at FA STU Bratislava and The Centre for Folk Art Production, within the scheme called Open Atelier.

Duration: 13.9.2012 – 17.11.2012


Original Christmas decorations

The exhibition project "Beautiful Christmas decorations" aims to present traditional Christmas hand-blown, glass decorations from the unusual point of view of Slovak designers.

Duration: 7.12.2012 – 12.1.2013