KEKS Design

Genre: exhibition
Duration: 21.7. – 10.9.2011

For two years, a group called KEKS Design / creative lap represents design in Košice. Group of young designers, most of who studied at the Technical University, will introduce their collection of furniture in the exhibition hall of Design studio ÚĽUV. Up to 15th September, visitors of Design studio ÚĽUV have the chance to see the collection of works of this dynamic group of 15 members.

Despite the fact that almost half of the group is concentrating on the graphic design, in Design studio ÚĽUV KEKS Design will present their utility object – chairs, tables, shells and so on. In the works of artist is to be seen a combination of design with arts, individual character of the objects, as well as the delicate work with traditional materials.

The exhibition KEKS Design will last until 10.9.2011