Where is my home

Duration: 12.8. – 24.9.2010

LLEV design studio was founded in 2004, out of the initiative of the now married couple Marcel and Eve Mochalovci. Both authors complement each other with their common and on the other hand, somewhat different approaches and during the six years of the studio´s existence created a number of interesting products and artistic objects.
With the sensitive emotional expression of both authors corresponds, of course, the above-mentioned specific creative approach. LLEV works exclusively with natural materials, which transforms into formal clean, precise interior objects with a strong and obvious relationship with nature and the ubiquitous nice humanism. The user feels it through a "simple" usage of the objects and pure enjoyment of them. Wooden furniture, slate accessories, objects made of glass, vases and cups, which arise mainly as unique originals, often by the hands of designers themselves, are the materialized essence of natural forces, human emotions and higher philosophical reflections. This means that the production of LLEV studio not only provides traditional values of the design: aesthetic and functional, but also the emotional and artistic quality, which may be for the authors of much higher importance.
Exhibition Where is my home is designed similarly. The exposed section of the already existing and entirely new production of the studio shows all basic artistic intentions of Marcel and Eve Mochalovci. Their individual projects are not exposed alone, but always with a concrete inspirational or other sources. Whether it's design from the past, memories from the trips to unknown countries, or natural artefacts and processes that were at the birth of the resulting products, they always reveal the production of studio LLEV from a slightly different perspective. From the title of the exhibition we learn that the routes that the couple had taken, some to Finland and Indonesia, plays one of the key roles in shaping their views of art influenced by primitivism of natural nations, as well as by the naturalness of the great Scandinavian design. Finding new cultures, new homes, but also discovering new sites of our own home through all of the above mentioned initiatives has become a leitmotif of the whole exhibition. Everything is related with the idea to create things for home and a man, who is the most important element in the creative process after all. No matter time or place of origin. Home is inside of us.

Curator: Adam Štěch

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