New ornament

History of the cooperation among three textile design studios (AFAD Bratislava, Technical University Liberec and Academy of Visual Arts Łódź) goes back to 2006 when they met working at „Rooms for free“ project (a regular presentation of textile design studios of art academies in Europe) at international textile fair Heimtex Frankfurt. Since then, teachers and students have met at several joint competitions, workshops and seminars and exchange student visits. The textile design studio in Bratislava and the Centre for Folk Art Production organised a bobbin lace workshop in October 2008 in Kremnica and they invited their colleagues from Liberec and Łódź. „New ornament“ is an exhibition name that refers to the concept of the project with links to the workshop on technology of bobbin lace production. The purpose was to borrow inspiration from the original ornament and use it as the basis for producing contemporary textile design. The project was further developed at their home schools – students transformed knowledge about the technology and visual appearance into the actual form, using studio-specific techniques. Each studio specialises in a specific textile technology which is evident from the presentation, too. Students from Bratislava decided for the silk-screen printing, allowing the production of textile designs. The textile studio from Poland presents its traditional carpets and jacquard-patterning fabrics. The Czech colleagues present their sublimation printing-based works. In addition, there was space for experiments with techniques and unconventional materials.
That newly produced works meet in Slovakia again, now as part of a joint exhibition in the Design Studio ÚĽUV, is the most interesting element of the project. All the works share the source of inspiration, but use different styles, technologies (silk-screen printing, sublimation printing, jacquard-patterning weaving), solutions and final appearance. „New ornament” exhibition will travel to Liberec and Łódź in 2009.