Design and Wood Shaping Department The Josef Vydra School of Applied Art in Bratislava

27. 6. – 28. 7. 2006

The exhibition presents a selection of student works of the department with the intention to present the public mostly with applied production from small works to exterior solution that prove the wide sight of the department. The director of the department, academic sculptor Marián Huba talks about what was happening in the department in the last year.


“Wood-making department headed by prof. Ferdinand Hrozinka was the predecessor of our department at the Secondary School of Applied Arts. Present-day department of design and wood making honours the heritage of the ŠUR (the Secondary School of Applied Arts) and follows many creative and educational concepts and moral philosophy the school had adhered to many years ago.

Our department educate students about visual arts in general and train them in wood making technologies and abilities. First-year students are assigned smaller projects developing their visual, craft and technical abilities. Later, they present individual proposals and realisations such as toys, furniture, interior accessories, sporting goods, musical instruments or jewellery...
We are committed to expand the scope of our specialised education to provide our students with better career prospects and identify deeper (social, environmental and preservation-related) foundations of their creative work. We are identifying areas that are currently of minor importance and that are open to reasonable creative thinking.

A collection of toys and rehabilitation tools for physically and visually impaired children and workshops organised in mental institutions are few examples of “our pro-social creativity”. By modifying the terrain shape, we seek to join visual art and environmental issues in the vicinity of our school and heal the effects of ruthless construction works. We position small architectural objects and exterior designs on the terrain taking into account its natural character. We are developing green willow constructions and planting young and treating old trees.

We seek inspiration in folk art and lifestyle in past being in contrast with cultural rootlessness, poor taste and consumption-oriented society. We learn to master traditional crafts and invent new ways how to use them. We organise folk architecture protection voluntary works...
We have started cooperation with traditional bentwood plants in Slovakia.
The creative work of the department is presented at exhibitions, competitions and in specialised magazines.

Our objective is to have graduates who are able to design and think creatively of the future and prospects of products. They should be able to promote and design the lifestyle not killing mind and nature.”


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