Underground for housewives

Visual artists Bety K.Majerníková and Steffany Klamp started their cooperation several years ago. Initially, they met as students in Trier, Germany and at the AFAD in Bratislava, Slovakia. Later, the graduates started to produce “joint” works. They presented the first joint project in 2005, at the exhibition „Erika and small personal gadgets“ in the gallery in Poprad. They have maintained their cooperation and, from time to time, exchange unfinished jewellery and finish what they have received in exchange.

The exhibition „underground for housewives“ presents two years of creative work and cooperation between the two authors. The exhibition is not limited to jewellery. Authors make comments on their newly experienced transformation from graduates to visual artists “practising” jewellery design, on their experience of being visual artists and consequences of deciding for it. Authors got older and more critical towards themselves, their work, society and the jewellery art itself. Despite all their harsh comments, it is clear they love it and do everything to keep doing what they do.

Bety K. Majerníková (1978)

Graduating from the Metal and jewellery studio at the AFAD in Bratislava, Bety successfully completed her postgraduate study at the same institution. Currently, she works as an assistant in the same studio and produces fine art jewellery designs. Among her themes are originality in contrast to global influences. She produces jewellery inspired by multinational design of electronic gadgets as well as by national traditions and history. Bety utilises various materials and techniques, starting from traditional goldsmith techniques and ending with experimental ones. She frequently uses silver, various metals, stones, wood, plastic, rubber, latex, epoxide etc.

Stefanie Klemp (1979)

German visual artist – jeweller. Stefanie graduated from the visual arts school in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, the institution recognised for top-standard education as well as proximity to traditional crafts of the city – stone grinding. Stefy Klamp was a student at the studio Metal and Jewellery of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia for one semester. Her graduation thesis won her recognition in the European jewellery design community and the renowned Dutch jewellery gallery Galerie Marzee awarded her with a graduation thesis prize, announced annually for a selection of graduation theses from around the world. She conducts experiments with unusual materials and forms. Her liking for nature is clear from the materials she selects for work: wood, felt, ceramics, wool… She likes working with metal and stone. The author likes identifying new opportunities for presentation and exhibiting of her works which, thanks to her environmentally sensitive approach, are often exhibited in the open air - in nature, far from urban rhythms.