„Fragile“ is an exhibition presenting works of master degree graduates of the Studio of ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

Veronika Selingerová (1980)
In her work “West-east”, the author reflects the experiences and impressions from the study visits in the „Wild West country" (Texas, USA) and „Sunrise country" (Irmir, Turkey). The author examines similarities and dissimilarities of both cultures, the product of which are objects forming a new cardinal point, the „West-east". Her interpretation of a container is presented as a symbol of a human being, a creature that is defined by environment. In her interpretation, a man can be, similarly to a container, empty, half-empty or full.

Eva Srníková (1981)
The author has called her thesis „the atmosphere versus benefit". She has designed an intimate space for two people, similar to tête-á-tête. The Bubble set is a result of her creative endeavours. In her design, a bubble has become a symbol of soft and nice things. A friendly meeting has transformed into a source of mutual understanding and experiencing beauty.

Stanislava Wagnerová (1982)
Stanislava has designed a set of interchangeable bowls of various shapes and sizes and called it MI(Y)-SY(I). The author has developed a detailed technical design of the “leg” (a narrow unglazed plastic strip in the lower part of each ceramic object, serving as a contact area preventing glaze from sticking to the surface). She has enhanced this underestimated technical detail into a decorative element. Being system of writing enthusiast, she has “encrypted” secret messages for consumers into the legs.