Between art and design. Between traditional and modern. Between Slovak and foreign.

Four designers, who have something in common, are moving among these “betweens”. Emphasising the symbolical function, they all are displaying their works at the Design Studio of ÚĽUV.

Barbara Wiggins – an in London living Irish artist and designer known under the label BWD (Barbara Wiggins Design) is mostly interested in leather. Influenced by the Irish folk and religious tradition, she is focused on packaging design but also products like for instance handbags.

Mária Štraneková – a textile designer and graduate of the AFAD (Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava), the winner of the recent trade fair Styl Kabo in Brno (Czech Republic) and the holder of the title Top Styl Designer, with several attractive overseas working experiences (as for instance the internship by Alexander McQueen), she is going to introduce her prototype of the “light clothes” at the Design Studio.

Martina Šošková – a textile designer and graduate of the AFAD. After several stays in Great Britain, she currently works in a Londoner firm dealing with the programming of embroidery, which is just her creative field of interest she is going to introduce at the Studio.

The light that Martina Štraneková works with is going to appear also by the other three artists who graduated at the AFAD under the tutorial of Matej Chlebiš, Marián Laššák and Ľubomír Žálec. Marián Laššák is furthermore trying to prove that poetry is not just words being closed in a book. His designer objects like a night table, a shelf with a lamp or clocks are made of books. The book as an object is in this case disposed of its initial content and appears now in the form of functional objects with their symbolic value. Ľubomír Žálec is also the author of the exhibition’s poster as well as the invitation.