Museum of Folk Art and Crafts


ÚĽUV has been active in documenting folk art productions for almost seven decades. The act from 1958 establishing ÚĽUV made the organisation obliged to "conduct research and documentation in the field of folk art production and to process the results of such work professionally". Conducting research, the ÚĽUV experts assembled a large collection of items which served as a reference base for later folk art production.


In August 2008 the Ministry of Culture of SR established the Museum of Folk Art Production based on the results of the previous systematic gathering activities of ÚĽUV. The new specialised workplace continues with processing and digitalisation of the collections, to be prepared for the future exposition.

By the end of 2011 the Museum collections comprised 10 312 items, majority of them made of textile and almost 3 000 items made of other materials such as ceramics, wood, metal, leather, horn, glass-painting and Easter-eggs.

The Museum works as an open depository allowing researchers, professionals and students to explore its large collections of folk art pieces and documents. The previous arrangements of the study visit with the curator and head of the Museum are necessary.


How to arrange the visit

- make an agreement about the timing at least 5 days before the visit via mail,
contact person : Radoslava Janáčová tel: +421 908 767 138
- visitor´s identity approval is needed by the first entry, acceptation of Researchers´rules is required  >   > ÚĽUV > Where in ÚĽUV > Museum of Folk Art and Crafts