International craft organizations


European Federation of Folk art and crafts

The federation was established in 1972. Its aim and activities are connected with co-operation between European countries with a strong tradition of folk art that started before World War II. Members of the federation are exclusively non-profit associations with the aim of protecting and supporting traditional and contemporary crafts.



The federation currently comprises of 10 members:

Headquarters of federation is in Oslo.


European Folk Art and Craft Federation
Co/ Norges Husflidslag
Solveig Torgersen Grinder
Rosenkrantz gt 21, inng Otto Sverdrupsgt
0140 Oslo

Phone: 0047 22 00 87 00 / 22 00 87 02
Fax: 0047 22 00 87 50

Federation members have approximately 100 shops with a turnover of 75 million EUR and run several craft schools and art production workshops.

ÚĽUV has been the sole Slovak member of the federation since 1994. In 2000 was director of ÚĽUV Ing. Milan Beljak elected for member of executive commettee of federation in Linz. 


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International Organisation of Folk Art (IOFA)

This is a non-government organisation, under the auspices of UNESCO. It is the only global organisation intensively active in all fields of folk art and culture.

The general secretariat is based in Andorf, Austria. IOFA regularly publishes a world festival calendar.
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