Key milestones from our history

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  • 1945 – Decree of the President no. 110/ 1945 on the establishment of the Centre for
    Folk Art Production issued
  • 1949 – Building at Obchodná Street 64 in Bratislava purchased
  • 1953 – ÚĽUV under the regional economy ministry
  • 1954 - ÚĽUV under the culture ministry
  • 1954 – First exhibition hall and shop at Michalská Street 4 in Bratislava opened
    (closed after successful restitution in 2005)
  • 1955 - First issue of printed periodical for producers The ÚĽUV Bulettin (Spravodaj ÚĽUV) published
  • 1956 – Shop and exhibition hall at Wenceslas Square in Prague opened
    (closed in 1992)
  • 1958 – Act of the Slovak National Council no. 4/ 1958 Col. on folk art production and artistic crafts establishing the Centre for Folk Art Production as a cultural organisation with a defined set of protecting activities (sales, archives and promotion) adopted
  • 1959 – First honorary titles Master of Folk Art Production for professional excellence awarded
  • 1980 - 40th anniversary exhibition celebrating the establishment of ÚĽUV organised in the Culture House, Bratislava
  • 1991 – First annual festival of traditional crafts Days of ÚĽUV Masters organised in Bratislava
  • 1992 – ÚĽUV appointed a member of the International Organisation for Folk Art (IOFA, part of UNESCO)
  • 1993 – ÚĽUV organised the international conference Models of Folk Art Production and Crafts Protection in the village of Dolná Krupá, 19 participating countries
  • 1994 – Cooperation of ÚĽUV and the European Federation of Folk Art and Crafts commenced, the ÚĽUV director M. Beljak serve the function of the Vice-president from 2004
  • 1995 – Publication on the 50th establishment anniversary issued, collective exhibition organised on the occasion of the 50th anniversary
  • 1995 – Information and education centre Courts of Crafts established in a reconstructed residence of our organisation at Obchodná Street, Bratislava
  • 1997 - ÚĽUV started its communication with public through its web page
  • 1999 – Regular crafts courses for general public named ÚĽUV School of Crafts organised for the first time
  • 2000 – Quarterly Craft-Art-Design (Remeslo-Umenie-Dizajn R_U_D) published for the first time
  • 2000 – Regular biennial competition of craft-oriented design Rings in Water organised for the first time
  • 2000 – Exhibition hall Design Studio ÚĽUV at Dobrovičova Street in Bratislava opened
  • 2004 – Specialised exhibition hall ÚĽUV Gallery at Obchodná Street no. 64 in Bratislava housing exhibitions of contemporary masters of traditional craft opened
  • 2004 – Five independent non-profit organisations ÚĽUV PLUS in Bratislava, Trnava, Košice, Prešov, Bardejov founded – direct promotion and sales separated from our organisation and concentrated around contract-based organisations. Contract-based cooperation between ÚĽUV and non-profit organisations commenced.
  • 2005 – Regional Centre of Crafts ÚĽUV in Banská Bystrica – the first branch outside Bratislava opened. Crafts courses for BB and surrounding area opened for general public.
  • 2006 – Reconstruction of a building for a new regional centre of crafts ÚĽUV in Košice commenced
  • 2006 – New information portal on crafts Virtual gallery of folk art production (part of all-national project the Culture Register of SR) launched. A new ÚĽUV web page introduced.
  • 2006 – List of folk art producers registered in the ÚĽUV database published.
  • 2006 – New concept of the craft festival Days of Masters at the Castle implemented at the premises of the Bratislava Castle. Cooperation between ÚĽUV, the city of Bratislava and the National Council of the Slovak Republic in organising the annual festival on the occasion of the SR Constitution Day (1st September) started.
  • 2008 – establishing the Museum of folk art production – a subject-specific workplace of ÚĽUV residing in the town of Stupava. The new ÚĽUV statute, issued by the Ministry of Culture of SR.
  • 2009 - establishing the ÚĽUV publishing house
  • 2010 – third reconstruction and extension of the ÚĽUV web page opened to public  >   > ÚĽUV > ÚĽUV - The cultural organization > Key milestones from our history