Mojmír Benža: Tradičný odev Slovenska, Traditional Clothing of Slovakia

ÚĽUV, Bratislava 2015

Lenght: 300 pages
- bilingual Slovak-English edition and description of images

ISBN 978-80-89639-26-7

Price: 34,- Eur





The Center for Folk Art Production in Bratislava issued, on the occasion of its 70th anniversary of its founding in 2015, the work of Mojmír Benža: Traditional Clothing of Slovakia. The relatively extensive monograph is a synthesis of traditional clothing in Slovakia from two aspects: by individual types of clothing items and in terms of the occasion for which it was worn. The author did not address the matter of traditional clothing in the usual way - by region. On the contrary, in his work, the author summarized the significant differences between the various forms of traditional clothing, and also defined their common indoor and outdoor character, building on the extensive Ethnographic Atlas of Slovakia, issued in the early 90s. The illustrations, protected by copyright, are the graphically uniform, richly colored drawings of Viera Škrabalová (nee Líčeníková), which are part of the collections of the Museum of Folk Art Production ÚĽUV in Stupava. The publication is coming out in the equivalent bilingual edition: Slovak-English.


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