TRADÍCIA DNES? (Tradition Today?)

The new forms of folk art productions found today. Publication addresses issues of interpretation of traditional handicraft and folk art production in their current state.

ÚĽUV, Bratislava 2007
Project Leader: Martin Mešša
Executive Editor: Zora Valentová
Format: 200 x 235 mm
Extent: 196 pages
Graphic Design: Jana Sapáková
Published with English Summary

Price: 12,61 € (379,89 Sk)

ISBN 978-80-88852-55-1


  • Introduction / Martin Mešša
  • Folk art in Slovakia. Context and explanations /Oľga Danglová
  • Creative expression of the people, folk art, art folklorism / M. Mešša
  • The Return of bobbin lace/ Juraj Zajonc
  • The trip of Slovak Tinkers/ Katarína Hallonová
  • The evolution of Window Painting / Marta Pastieriková
  • Wood Carving / Marianna Sabaková, Martin Mešša
  • Fujara – Return to Tradition / Oskár Elschek
  • Tradition, innovation, craftsmanship and design in wood / Tibor Uhrín
  • Rings in Water/ Viera Kleinová

Excerpts from the book :

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