Folk Glass: Irena Pišútová and Ján Kautman

Published Center of Folk Art Production in Bratislava year 2013

Scope: 300 pages, English summaries and picture commentaries

ISBN 978-80-89639-08-3

Price: 20,- Eur

The publication of Irena Pišútová and Ján Kautman Folk Glass was prepared by ULUV editors in the edition of Tradition Today. It primarily discusses the extremely rich variety of domestic glassware, now known as "folk glass" which was used in past domestic life. The glassware was produced by workers as secondhand range at small and large, privatized glass workshops and factories. In addition to the glasswork history and descriptions of glass manufacturing, the book is full of pictures of an assortment of glass pieces dated to the 19th and 20th century. The digital material was gathered from the collections of five museums and three private collectors, one of whom is both the author and photographer of this publication: Ján Kautman. Accompanying all pictures is enriching text and depictions of different types of folk glass, each categorized by their shapes. Each chapter contains an English summary and picture commentaries are also given in English.


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