Juraj Zajonc : Tkanice (Woven Textiles)

ÚĽUV, Bratislava 2013
Specifics: 56 pages, English summaries
ISBN 978-80-89639-03-8
Price: 4,60 €


Tkanice (Woven Textiles) publication presents the reader with a wide range of woven works arising from the late 19th till about the mid-20th century. The textiles were used in daily life as well as decorative elements in the fashion of rural populations. The examples are supplemented with text which details colors and patterns and provides knowledge of the background of the pieces. The articles of textile are presented in the book in a coherent, flowing, and logical manner. They are selected to present not only variations of local and regional work, but to incorporate the whole picture of weavings as it spread throughout Slovakia. Various forms of the weaving methods are also described, from weaving a needle through plates of materials to weaving with small looms. The weavings found in the book come from collections of the Slovak National Museum, the Ethnographic Museum in Martin, ÚĽUV - Museum of Folk Art Production in Stupava, and from the private collections of Mrs. Anna Klementová of Bratislava.


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