Series Sources


Sources Series is about the concrete artifacts of traditional craft from history. It is supplementary literature to the workbook from Series School of traditional craft production. This book gives the reader and overall, basic, insight into the classical methods of crafting.




Juraj Zajonc : Tkanice (Woven Textiles)

ÚĽUV, Bratislava 2013
Specifics: 56 pages, English summaries
ISBN 978-80-89639-03-8
Price: 4,60 €




Jasna Gaburová : Rezbárstvo a výzdoba dreva (Woodcarving and Embellishment)

ÚĽUV, Bratislava 2012
Specifics: 83 pages, English summaries
ISBN 978-80-88852-98-8
Price: 7,15 €



Marta Pastieriková : Hrnčiarstvo (Pottery)

ÚĽUV, Bratislava 2012
Specifics: 51 pages, English summaries
ISBN 978-80-88852-89-6
Price: 4,40 €

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