Juraj Zajonc : Snovanie a tkanie plátna (Warping and Cloth Weaving)

ÚĽUV, Bratislava 2005
Specifics: 48 pages
Price: 5,74 €


The book is a practical guide for aspiring handloom crafters. It contains a brief historical introduction, information on training materials, and a list of tools: all presented graphically in a coherent manner, with several samples of finished products. The publication is a unique contribution to the conversation of processes in weaving by loom, also called warping. Process of production has long been the subject of interest in Slovakia, where it has become the main specialization of some talented people who have learned to handle the craft. Up to a point, the techniques used on the loom were handed down orally, from person to person. Now, this new publication presents the first records of professionally described techniques and training curriculum, starting with the loom as initial base for learning and hence building up to hand weaving.