Alena Rybáriková : Spojovacie švíky (Connecting Seams)

ÚĽUV, Bratislava 2008
ISBN 978-80-88852-58-2
Price: 4,15 €


In this series of traditional crafting practices for school production was issued by ÚĽUV in 2008 under the new title, "Spojovacie švíky". The author of the publication is ethnographer Dr.Alena Rybáriková, known for her lifelong interest in documenting techniques demonstrated in folk clothing.

Decorative seams, in traditional attire, were utilized used when joining two pieces of fabric with strong, solid edges. Seams were sown freely, by hand, without the use of a frame. Many times the seams were brightly colored- depending on the region of country from which they originated. Today, when two pieces of fabric are sown together, a sewing machine is used which by nature creates a more decorative seam. A. Rybáriková details the types of seams found in making blankets, pillows, and other products in this publication.