MICHAL ŠKROVINA - Príbehy z môjho života (Tales from my life)

The original biography of the prominent figure in art and a Martin city native Michael Škrovina (b. 1940) was issued by the Publishing house of Matica Slovenská in Martin in 2008 in conjunction with ÚĽUV Bratislava. The publication was also supported by the Foundation of Matica Slovenská.

The book showcases nearly five decades of systematic artwork from the artist, who in addition to their occupation as architect and city planner, used all his free time to create images on glass and painting wooden figures with variety of themes and inspirations. After a major solo exhibition of Michal Škrovina's works, prepared by ÚĽUV in their gallery in 2006, the publication was put out by the Martin publisher to further contribute to the promotion of Škrovina's talent.

Publishing house of Matica Slovenská in Martin
in cooperation with ÚĽUV Bratislava, 2008
Project Leader: PhDr. Marta Pastieriková
Format: 210 x 270 mm
Specifics: 104 pages
Preliminary Study: PhDr. Marta Pastieriková
Graphic Design : Peter Ďurík

Price: 16,53 € (497,98 Sk)

ISBN 978-80-89208-82-1



Excerpts from the book :


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