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How to buy ÚĽUV Publications:


Series Traditions Today

Popularized by professionals: publications on traditional and contemporary forms of folk arts and crafts.


Series School of traditional craft production

In workbook form, it depicts fundamental, basic principles of traditional crafting techniques of production.


Series Sources

Sources Series is about the concrete artifacts of traditional craft from history. It is supplementary literature to the workbook from Series School of traditional craft production. This book gives the reader and overall, basic, insight into the classical methods of crafting.


Series Artist Profiles

A collection of biographies belonging to major craftsmen, artists, designers and artists who are inspired by the production of traditional and folk art.


Series ÚĽUV for Children

About tradition of folk culture in Slovakia, this series of publications are playfully written for children of all ages and come in forms of workbooks, practical guides and so on.


Proceedings from Artisan Symposium

This publication contains the speeches given by participants of the Artisan Symposium which is organized annually by the Center of Folk Art Production (ULUV) of Bratislava since 2002. Contributions of records come from researchers, experts from museums and galleries, designers, and other authors all of who addressed the past and present crafting techniques and the evolution of traditional design.  >   > ÚĽUV > Publications