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News from Series ÚĽUV for Children

Zuzana Strešnáková

News from Series ÚĽUV for ChildrenÚĽUV presents the new publications How people used to farm (Ako sa kedysi hospodárilo) and  How people used to keep their households (Ako sa kedysi gazdovalo) written by a well known ethnologist Rastislava Stoličná. In her six volume series of thematic books, children and young people are continually taught about the traditional way of life of their ancestors. They can find information about the everyday and festive life of the Slovak people who lived 100 years ago, mostly in villages or small towns and worked as farmers or craftsmen. These new books from ÚĽUV will hopefully please children as well as their parents, and perhaps might be useful for teachers of history as an innovative teaching aid as well.


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