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Following the examples of a good practice

Tomáš Mikolaj

Following the examples of a good practiceLast year in September we made a trip together with Maria Farkasová from the department of the protection of folk art production ÚĽUV and visited the French basket making centre - Fayl-Billot in the region of Grand Est in the north-east of France. For more then a hundred years there has been a National basket weaving and wickerwork school here, as part of the secondary gardening and landscaping  school. Today it offers short-term, as well as a year-long workshops, and courses for public. In an effort to apply the knowledge gained in France to the Slovak environment ÚĽUV organized a basket weaving workshop in Bratislava. 20 basket makers and designers took part in it and this event was used for not only sharing the experience from France but also for a inspiring conversation and an exchange of ideas.


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